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Hershey, PA 17033


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About Us

Bull’sEye’s professional sales force and support team provide client companies the ability to achieve their marketing and sales objectives, in a way that, sustains competitive advantage.  The Bull’sEye sales representation model consists of an integrated marketing and sales strategy.  The cornerstone of this integrated strategy is understanding our customers, markets, and channels of distribution.  Our client companies are manufacturers of disposables and supplies.  


We are committed to effective sales representation using creative and strategic project management that delivers a measurable return on investment for our clients.  We assist our clients in simplifying the complexities of their industry by focusing the right products on the targeted markets through the best channels of distribution.  Our team has established strong working relationships with  distributor customers throughout the Bull’sEye territories.  Sales calls are augmented by direct marketing and our client companies’ sales management visits.  Presentations, sales meetings, training seminars, and trade shows are additional go to market tactics of the Bull’sEye field sales team.  


The Bull’sEye Team is experienced in operations and is privileged to have established long standing rapport with consuming customers from Maine to South Carolina.  Bull’sEye's creative problem solving and product demonstrations educate and build the relationships between the manufacturer, the distributor and the end user.  This strategy positions Bull’sEye as more than a manufacturer’s representative, but rather an integrated "Target Marketing" and professional sales resource, that delivers profitable sales growth and quality results.

Our Principals of Excellence

Be accountable in all that we do.

Pursue quality in everything we do.

Believe in the power of teamwork and communication.

Develop strategies that differentiate us from our competitors.

Ethical behavior and personal integrity are the core of our business.

Value the diversity of our customers treating each with dignity and respect.

Company Structure

Field Sales

The Field Sales Team at Bull'sEye has over 500 combined years of proven success in the food service, janitorial, and healthcare segments. We span over 26 states from Maine to South Carolina with 50 Sales Representatives, strategically positioned to create demand with our distributor and meet the needs of our clients. Field Sales participates in the marketing, market planning and technical development of products and services resulting in revenue generation for the company.

Client Management 

The Client Management Teams at Bull'sEye are cross functional teams accountable for managing all of the needs of our Clients, in a way that exceeds their expectations, so that our goals are achieved. Using exceptional customer service and building strong professional relationships with key customers and clients are two big anchors that drive the success  of our Client Management teams 

Marketing Services

The Marketing Department takes a highly targeted and efficient approach when marketing our clients’ products. We create the demand at the end user level by building brand awareness through lead generation, direct marketing campaigns and distributor marketing by ultimately generating measurable revenue. Our team is skilled in the adobe platform and uses those skills that help outline the strengths of our products.